Endowment Management

Helping a family or organization transform the future of a community through implementation of their goals and vision and mission is a great honor.

As a team of wealth advisors we help effectively transfer wealth and responsibility to the next generation and honor the desire to impact the community through philanthropy for years to come.

Our Visionary

Carter Randolph

Carter Randolph, our founder, has aided in establishing several private foundations and serves as President of a few on behalf of the original donors. Recognizing that the charitable missions are forever, the combination of a long term investment strategy and prudent endowment and foundation management has allowed for annual charitable distributions. The Arts, environment, education, and medical research charities of greater Cincinnati (and beyond) have been supported by these efforts.


We have never forgotten the importance of the long-term purpose of an endowment, which is to support charitable activity indefinitely.

– Carter Randolph, President

How does it work?

Define the Goal

Our process is to define the goal of the donor and then implement the plan during the donor’s lifetime so they can influence the path forward and establish a culture that can remain true to their goals.

Assemble the Team

We recognize that wealth transfer to the family is a tax and estate planning matter that requires guidance from skilled lawyers, accountants, and wealth managers, so we take great care to be a part of our clients’ professional services team.

Conduct Research

As we carry out the wishes of the donor, we conduct our research with an internal portfolio management team. This way, the staff and board of the endowment or foundation knows exactly what the funds are invested in and can lean on our team as sources of knowledge and experience.


Maximize Savings

Our internal team also negates the need to use outside asset managers, which enables us to minimize additional fees paid to manage the endowment. Instead, those savings stay in the endowment. As a fiduciary partner, we are very conscious that every dollar that stays in the fund is a dollar that can grow to serve the organization–and the cause–in the future.

Between 2005 and 2023, charitable endowments and foundations have distributed over $250,000,000 in funds.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our team goes to work every day, monitoring the complex world of investments and the impacts they have on clients, in order to build enduring portfolios.